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The Resource and Information Packs below are part of our digital toolkit:

Improving Access to Healthcare for Migrants

The complete toolkit consists of seven modules. Four of them have been created as interactive e-learning packages. You can find infos and access them here.

We released the remaining three modules in Portable Document Format (PDF) and make them available here for self-training purposes.

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Man and computer
Module: Health and Well-being

Unit 1
The wider social determinants of migrant health

This training aims to help you to understand a little about the lives of migrants to the UK, and through this knowledge to understand the wider determinants of health for this group of people, and consider ways in which to address factors which inhibit healthy lives.

Young Man

Unit 2
Mental health and well-being

This module does not set out to give you a list of mental health problems suffered by migrants. Instead, it will help you to understand the possible causes of the psychological distress.

Two Women

Unit 3
General health and well-being

For forced migrants (refugees and people seeking asylum) there are a broad set of common experiences which can impact health, but not every exile will have experience of torture, war injury, or other trauma.

The diversity of origins of today’s migrants make a patient centred approach essential – get to know your patient – ask questions and don’t assume!

Mother and Child

Unit 4
Women, children and family health

  • to gain insight into particular issues affecting child migrants, including unaccompanied children
  • to gain insight into factors affecting the health of women migrants and the cultural basis of these factors
  • to understand the effect migration may have on families

Health resources, tools and links

Module: Safeguarding

Resource and Information Pack

Safeguarding is at the heart if all the work health and social care professionals deliver to children and families.


Safeguarding: Tools, resources and useful links

Module: Roma Communities
Roma Flag

Unit 1
Access and health of Roma communities in the UK

  • to familiarise UK healthcare staff with basic information about the Roma
  • to familiarise UK healthcare staff with information about the political, social, economic and cultural backgrounds they have recently come from
  • to link this information to the Roma's experience of accessing healthcare in the UK
  • to establish good practice which can be disseminated in order for UK healthcare staff to provide services which are culturally sensitive and tailored to the specific needs of these diverse communities

Unit 2
Female health; sexual and reproductive health

  • to learn about Roma women's traditional gender role and associated taboos and how they may impact on their sexual and reproductive health
  • to understand perceptions regarding contraception and experiences of coercive sterilisation
  • to learn about Roma women's sexual and reproductive health, including the vulnerability to a range of STDs among certain communities of Roma

Unit 3
Children and young people

  • to hear about the importance of and attitude to children in Roma society
  • to familiarise healthcare staff with health issues relating to bringing up Roma children

Unit 4
Lifestyle and health

  • to familiarise healthcare staff with ways in which Roma lifestyle may impact on health
  • to learn about the Roma's eating habits and general perceptions towards food
  • to learn about the roles and impact of the older members of the community
  • to learn about mental health issues that may be identified when working with the Roma

Unit 5
Redressing the balance: myths and realities

  • to provide further information to challenge popular myths and misconceptions about the Roma
  • to provide guidance on working practically with Roma families

Roma: Tools, resources and useful links


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