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Flexibility TS4SE supports the integration of new communities, helps improve communication and understanding across communities and services, and supports people that really want to make positive change.

We assist service providers to develop new services, improve access to existing services and help organisations engage with new clients, service users and local communities.

We offer training, consultancy, facilitation, mentoring, project support and resource development.

Our services are flexible, responsive and offer value for money and real measurable outcomes and service improvement.

We also work with the community and voluntary sector to assist them to deliver high quality projects and outcomes for their service users we offer training, organisational and community development and funding support.

How we work

Our cooperative members have over 75 year’s collective experience of work alongside migrants and refuges in both the UK and international settings. This experience has shaped what we do and how we do it and our not for profit work is driven by our shared understanding of the need for:

  • social justice and equality for migrants
  • community empowerment and informed decision making by communities and individuals
  • learning and sharing experiences with those we work with
  • developing sustainable communities able to articulate their own needs and act independently
  • encouraging refugee and migrant participation and involvement in all aspects of daily life

If you need our postal address please email or ring us first.
General enquiries: info@ts4se.org.uk
Training enquiries: training@ts4se.org.uk
Accounts and payments: accounts@ts4se.org.uk
All other enquiries: jules@ts4se.org.uk

07939 155525
or 07731 753825

TS4SE is a Company Limited by Guarantee;
Registered Company No. 6578514
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