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Under the hood ...

This page provides an insight into the mechanics and interactive methods of the engine behind our e-learning Toolkit.

All examples here refer to the Toolkit: Samples which with 21 slides show only a fraction of all 220 slides of the entire Toolkit.

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In case of mobile browsing ...

Currently our Toolkit e-learning modules are Flash applications.

In case you are browsing this website with a mobile device, it's likely that you've been redirected to this page via our built-in Mobile Detect interface. Dynamic Flash contents are in most cases not accessible on mobile devices. We are aware of this and participate in research and development of a new e-learning engine compatible and responsive for both, desktop and mobile.

E-learning Engine: Schema
E-learning Engine: Schema
Our e-learning engine (Paula) works on a 4-steps-basis
  • XML controls the slide running order (learning path/steps)
  • the engine controls linear and non-linear navigation, browsing history, scores and much more
  • external slides with indivdual functions contain the learning units
  • an optional Database Connector maintains bindings to any LMS
Design & Branding


Flexible covers contains large introductory images or illustrations combined with logos and titles.

The contents are in most instances animated and controlled by an attached client engine taking care of client-specific configurations.

Colour schemes of all visual elements can be adapted to a client's CI.



The slide header updates via XML the particular learning chapter title and shows the client logo.

Browsing History
History Buttons

Like a web browser the engine records the learner's browsing history and these two buttons enable a user to navigate backwards and forwards along the 'breadcrumbs' path. This is especially handy for non-linear trails.

User Interaction
Stepwise interaction

Step-wise presentation

Which interactive methods are applied within learning steps depends on structure and requirements of particular contents.

Slides always contain individual scripts to enable specific interactions and are loaded into the engine via XML.

One principle is to allow successive access to contents in a rather playful manner. This helps to digest information in bite-size chunks.



Check understanding and provide conclusive response.

Questions-Check Answers

Learner's progress

Multiple choice and options to check answers.

Media Elements
Video Controls


The toolkit engine contains a dedicated video player. With the dynamic controls, they appear on roll-over, videos can be paused, sound-muted and rewound.

To ease language barriers and generally to improve understanding, videos are subtitled and the minimal controls do not overlay the titles.

Video Key Points

Video key points

Often a video contains an awful lot of informations and it can be hard to memorize them all.

To ease this problem the toolkit engine uses a special programme part to list key points outside the video controlled by the video time code. This way the key points remain as memory aids even when the video has finished playing.



Sounds, of course. Can have many benefits in making the contents livelier. Especially a human voice, telling the story, improves attention and understanding.

Navigating the Contents

Pop-up menu

This allows a non-linear navigation to specific learning contents.

Structure, running order and titles are automatically generated according to the XML directive. This way learning steps (slides) can be easily re-combined to create alternative e-learning modules.

Navigation Bar

Navigation panel

Most elements here are pretty self-explanatory.

  • Wait or Go: Green indicates that a slide is completely finished (animation, successive contents, etc.). Otherwise red.
  • Screen Mode: Switches the display to full screen and vice versa. This improves usability and focus on learning contents.
  • Print Version: See here ...

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