Toolkit: Improving Access to Healthcare for Migrants

Improving Access to Healthcare for Migrants
- A Digital Learning Toolkit -

TS4SE works for change that will improve the lives of refugee and migrants in the United Kingdom.

Our free online training toolkit provides information and practical tips for effective engagement with patients from migrant, refugee and minority communities.

Designed for frontline staff, the toolkit can be easily used by individuals on their own or by teams within a group setting.

The flexible format allows you to choose the modules appropriate for your specific needs and time available.

The Modules

Module 1
Understanding Asylum & Migration

“It is impossible to understand the health of any individual or group of people without some understanding of the wider context of their life.” (Maffia and Conway 2009)


Unit 1
Refugees and people seeking asylum

Unit 2
The Asylum Process in the UK

Unit 3
Migration into the UK

Unit 4
Myths about migration


Module 2
Working across Cultures

Cultural competence allows the health worker to develop a framework of practice that can meet these challenges, increasing the confidence and ability of individual staff, teams and services to work with local, but globalised communities.


Unit 1
Culture – yours or mine?

Unit 2
Building cultural knowledge

Unit 3
Understanding cultural competence


Module 3
Reducing Barriers to Access

This training module aims to support healthcare providers to equip themselves with the information and tools to approach working with diverse groups in a range of ways that build trust, reduce barriers and ensure more accessible healthcare.


Unit 1
What's an accessible service?

Unit 2
Real lives: origins and impacts of barriers

Unit 3
First impressions count

Unit 4
Working together


Module 4
Communication Skills

A range of communication approaches for working with people not confident in English, including access to professional interpreting and translation services as well as using plain English and appropriate resources.


Unit 1
Communicating through interpreters

Unit 2
Communicating without interpreters

Practice Relevance

All modules contain real-life examples and situations with people and services. 20 videos, 10 sound files, playful quizzes and numerous images make the content engaging and relevant. Names and places have been changed to protect the anonymity of people involved.


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