TS4SE Cooperative Members

Member Profiles

TS4SE has a core group of members with a range of specific specialities and skills.

Tamsyn Eida

Cath Maffia

Jules Palfreyman

Rebecca Ehata

Marian Guga

Fazil Jamal Mustafa

Associate members

Loreen Chikwira

Chefena Hailamariam

Joan Macfarlane

Klaus-dieter Michel


If you need our postal address please email or ring us first.
General enquiries: info@ts4se.org.uk
Training enquiries: training@ts4se.org.uk
Health related enquiries: healthinfo@ts4se.org.uk
Community development support, consultation or engagement: community@ts4se.org.uk

+44 (0)7985 977 563
or +44 (0)7731 753 825

TS4SE is a Company Limited by Guarantee;
Registered Company No. 6578514
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